12 Free Persona Exams Like MBTI & Taiwan Design Expo

12 Free Persona Exams Like MBTI & Taiwan Design Expo


Free persona checks like MBTI & Taiwan Design Expo

Are you a Fairy, Feline, Poison, or Ghost? No, we’re not speaking about Halloween costumes. It’s our take a look at outcomes from the Taiwan Design Expo persona quiz which have had a chokehold on social media over the previous week. However whereas that is trending now, persona checks aren’t one thing new.

The latest viral one is definitely derived from tried-and-tested ones just like the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs, which is predicated on 4 classes: introversion/extraversion, sensing/instinct, pondering/feeling, and judging/perceiving. Should you love psychology or just studying extra about you and your pals, listed here are extra enjoyable, free persona checks so that you can check out.

1. Ikigai Take a look at – Lets you discover your life objective

ikigai - free personality test
Picture credit score: Unsplash

Millennials and Gen Zs are generations that want to seek out which means of their work. Nevertheless it’s not at all times straightforward to seek out one thing you like, are good at, and may be paid for. Nicely, that’s the place the Ikigai Take a look at is available in. Should you haven’t heard of Ikigaiit’s a Japanese idea that helps you discover objective and which means in what you do that can assist you lead a extra fulfilling life.

ikigai chart - free personality test

Picture credit score: Ikigai Take a look at

Your outcomes shall be displayed in a Venn Diagram sorted into 4 classes: what you like, what the world wants, what you might be good at, and what you may be paid for. And effectively, your advisable profession shall be on the centre of the diagram.

Warning: it’s a really lengthy take a look at with totally different 4 elements of about 20 questions everyso chances are you’ll need to put aside a minimum of 10 minutes to finish it.

Do the Ikigai take a look at.

2. Water Relationship Take a look at – Uncover your relationship model

water test - free personality test
Screenshot from: KTest

“If I used to be a worm, would you continue to love me?” Nicely, how about water?

You’ll find what kind of water you might be – from Sage to Cobalt – with the enjoyable Water Relationship Take a look at. It’s a brief questionnaire with lovable but existential questions like “How do you’re feeling whenever you get up the following morning after courting somebody you want?”

Hopeless romantics solely.

Screenshot from: KTest

Share it with bae and see should you’re actually appropriate.

Do the Water Relationship Take a look at.

3. The 4 Tendencies Quiz – Discover out should you’re a insurgent or obliger

free personality test - the four tendencies quiz
Picture credit score: Dewi Nurjuwita

Should you’re into persona checks, you’d in all probability have heard of Gretchen Rubin, the writer of the guide The Happiness Challenge. Her questionnaire, The 4 Tendencies Quizwill let you recognize whether or not you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Insurgent.

free personality test - The Four Tendencies Quiz
Screenshot from: Gretchen Rubin

It’s a reasonably quick quiz that’ll take about 5 minutes to finish, with questions that intention to seek out out what motivates you to do sure issues. On the finish of the quiz, you’ll get an in depth report that may break down what you’re motivated by and even counsel “hacks” that may work so that you can meet your objectives and get duties accomplished.

However don’t inform your boss you may’t meet your deadlines simply since you’re a insurgent ah.

Do The 4 Tendencies Quiz.

4. Alignment Take a look at – See how possible you might be to finish up in jail

free personality test - alignment test
Picture credit score: Alignment Take a look at

Are you chaotic evil, lawful good, or true impartial? The Alignment Take a look at will allow you to discover out. It’s primarily based on the sport Dungeons & Dragonswith 36 questions that categorises your ethics and morals.

The outcomes will reveal your true character, whether or not you’re a lawful one who respects authority and constructions, or a chaotic rule-breaker who tends to be extra utilitarian. Tread rigorously when asserting your outcomes, since you would possibly simply find yourself exposing your self.

Do the Alignment Take a look at.

5. Earth Persona Take a look at – Cute graphics of the planet’s layers

free personality test - earth test
Picture credit score: KTest

Now, this take a look at has one of the vital lovable graphics I’ve seen. The Earth Persona Take a look at will reveal the layers of your planet to showcase your totally different persona traits.

Earth Personality Test
Screenshot from: KTest

It has 12 questions and takes lower than 5 minutes to do so you may share it with your pals, who’ll haven’t any excuse to not do it.

Do the Earth Persona take a look at.

6. Darkish Triad Take a look at – Are you secretly a psycho?

You probably have a observe file of courting psychopaths, right here’s a persona take a look at you would possibly need to take with you on first dates. The Darkish Triad Take a look at finds out 3 darker persona traits: narcissismpsychopathy, and machiavellianism.

free personality test - dark triad

Screenshot from: IDR Labs

In response to quiz web site IDR Labs, it’s been mentioned for use by the police and even in psychiatric wards. It additionally reveals how possible you might be to commit against the law or trigger issues at work.

This take a look at is barely longer at 36 questions and can take about 10 minutes to finish – however I promise you, it’s value it.

Do the Darkish Triad Take a look at.

7. Female Archetypes – Impressed by tarot playing cards

Feminine Archetypes
Picture tailored from: The place Surprise Waits

“Leaning into your darkish femininity” has turn into a pattern on TikTok. However what’s extra highly effective is attending to know your Female Archetypes so you may be taught your strengths, weaknesses, and the best way to embrace your female energy to rework into your highest self. The visuals are impressed by tarot playing cards, whereas the idea of the take a look at is predicated on psychologist Carl Jung’s concept of archetypes.

The Huntress Archetype
Enjoyable truth: The Huntress was impressed by Greek goddess Artemis.
Picture credit score: The place Surprise Waits

After answering 14 questions, you’ll be grouped into 1 of the 7 archetypes – The Mom, The Queen, The Maiden, The Sage, The Huntress, The Lover, and The Mystic.

The take a look at outcomes may also present your strongest persona traits, alongside together with your “mild” and “shadow”, which principally means your strengths and weaknesses respectively.

Do the Female Archetypes take a look at.

8. John’s Persona Take a look at – Breaks down your MBTI share

John's Personality Test
Picture credit score: John’s Persona Take a look at

Should you’ve learn up up to now, I’m assuming you’re all for persona checks. So you probably already know your MBTI. However after all, not every little thing is black and white, and John’s Persona Take a look at breaks down your MBTI share to indicate how possible you might be to be one other kind.

I did 25 quick questions primarily based on the Myers-Briggs take a look at in lower than 5 minutes and as a persistent INFP, I can verify that it’s fairly correct.

Do the John’s Persona Take a look at.

9. Color Palette – Discover your color palette

free personality test - colour test
Picture tailored from: KTest

what Mika says, I could possibly be brown, I could possibly be blue, I could possibly be violet sky. However if you wish to know what color you could possibly be, take the Color Palette quiz. It’s one other enjoyable, low-commitment persona take a look at that’s simply shareable on social media.

Picture credit score: KTest

There are solely 12 easy questions, so do that throughout your lunch break and share the outcomes together with your colleagues.

Take the Color Palette Persona Take a look at.

10. Human Design – Must ask your mom for start certificates

Now’s the time to textual content your mother and father since you’ll want your start info. The Human Design take a look at is a mixture of astrology, Myers-Briggs, and some different woo woo elements just like the chakra system.

free personality test - enneagram
Picture credit score: My Human Design

Your date, time, and fatherland are used to create your individual Human Design chart. There are 5 varieties – Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector – that will provide you with an perception into our strengths, weaknesses, fears, and passions.

Belief me, should you’re into persona checks and psychology, this take a look at is a blackhole. You may also obtain the Human Design app to have your take a look at outcomes helpful and examine outcomes together with your friends.

Do the Human Design Take a look at.

11. Enneagram – Deeper than most persona checks

free personality test - Enneagram test
Picture credit score: Dewi Nurjuwita

This OG Enneagram Universe take a look at is kind of lengthy, made up of 180 statements. However there’s additionally a shorter one on Truity for many who are lazy to finish 180 prompts. You’ll have to pick out the choice that feels most acquainted to you on a scale of “virtually by no means” to “virtually at all times”.

You’ll be break up into 9 sorts of personalities: Reformer, Helper, Achiever, Individualist, Investigator, Loyalist, Fanatic, Challenger, and Peacemaker. Every kind may have its personal motivations, fears, and inside dynamics, serving to you perceive why you and the folks closest to you behave the best way you do.

Do the Enneagram take a look at.

12. Picture Profession Quiz – For individuals who don’t like phrases

Photo Career Quiz
Screenshot from: Truity

For individuals who don’t like taking a look at too many phrases, I promise this shall be as straightforward because the safety prompts web sites ask you to seek out out should you’re a robotic. Should you’re caught at crossroads concerning your jobthe Picture Profession Quiz will assist you determine your supreme profession.

Select from 2 pictures and after a collection of about 30 questions, the quiz will advocate a profession kind and provide you with a rating abstract of your 6 curiosity areas: constructing, pondering, creating, serving to, persuading, and organising.

P.S. This isn’t an alternative to a profession counsellor.

Do the Picture Profession Quiz.

Free persona checks on-line to check out

Whether or not or not you’re a psychology geek, these persona checks are a enjoyable option to get to know your self and the folks round you. You possibly can select to go light-hearted and go for those with cute graphics to share on social media, or dive deep into your Human Design, Enneagram, and Ikigai. Plus, all of those are free, so go wild.

Extra enjoyable social media traits:

Cowl picture tailored from: Dewi Nurjuwita, KTest

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