Obtain Class 12 Psychology Pattern Paper PDF

Obtain Class 12 Psychology Pattern Paper PDF


Class 12 Psychology Mannequin Paper Punjab Board 2024: Pattern papers or mannequin papers are an vital a part of examination preparation. This helps college students know the examination paper sample and query format. Verify and obtain the PSEB Class 12 Psychology mannequin paper 2023–24.

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PSEB Punjab Board Class twelfth Psychology Mannequin Check Paper 2024: Psychology is likely one of the topics supplied to PSEB Class 12 college students. The topic is exclusive and fascinating for college students because it mentions matters that assist construct optimistic psychological well being. The Punjab Board has launched the mannequin paper for Class 12 Psychology, which college students will discover very useful.

As per the PSEB Class 12 Psychology pattern paper 2024, the paper might be 3 hours with a most mark of 70 divided into 4 sections. The questions might be divided into MCQs, true-false, quick, and long-answer kind questions. Verify and obtain the whole Punjab Board Class 12 Psychology mannequin take a look at paper 24 from under.

Learn: PSEB Punjab Board Class 12 Mannequin Check Paper 2024: Obtain FREE PDF

PSEB Class 12 Psychology Mannequin Check Paper 2024: Highlights

The vital highlights associated to the Punjab Board Class 12 Psychology mannequin paper are talked about within the desk under as highlights.

Paper Identify

Psychology (Idea)

Whole Marks


Whole Time

3 Hours

Educational 12 months



PSEB (Punjab College Schooling Board)


twelfth Common

Whole Variety of Questions


I. A number of selection Questions (1 Marks)

II. Very Brief Questions (1 Marks)

III. Brief Reply Sort Questions( 2 Marks)

IV. Lengthy Reply Sort Questions( 6 Marks)

PSEB Punjab Board Class 12 Psychology Mannequin Check Paper 2024

Part A

I A number of selection Questions (1 Marks)

1. Which of the next precept of improvement is inaccurate one?

(a) There are particular person variations in improvement

(b)Improvement is a steady course of

(c) Improvement happens by means of coincidence

(d)It’s predictable

2. Aarjav says that language improvement is influenced by one’s innate predisposition whereas Sonali feels that it’s due to the atmosphere. This dialogue between Aarjav and Sonali is about:

a) Crucial and Delicate feeling

b) Stability and Instability argument

c) Steady and Discontinuous studying

d) Nature and Nurture debate

3. Erik Erikson proposed that every stage of improvement includes a disaster. Human improvement is:

a) quantitative

b) qualitative

c) each quantitative and qualitative

d) unmeasurable to a sure extent

4. Which of the next finest describes the idea of an emotion?

a. a response to an exterior or inside stimulus with the aim of motivating an motion or behaviour

b. an everlasting or recurrent state with no particular causes

c. the psychological illustration of common emotions inside a person

d. a extremely illogical idea, captain

5. Which of the next is a response of the sympathetic nervous system?

a. further sugar is launched into the bloodstream

b. elevated perpiration

c. elevated respiration

d. the entire above

6. _____________ is the set of forces that energizes, directs and sustains conduct

(a) motivation

(b) emotion

(c) Empowerment

(d) Socialization

7. You obtain verbal reward out of your caregivers if you behave appropriately. This optimistic reinforcement connects to motivation as a(n):

(a) incentive

(b) extrinsic motivation

(c) drive

(d) want

8. A perceptual set that causes one to change into hung up on mistaken options or stay blind to options is known as

(a) Fixation

(b) Incubation

(c) Inventive pondering

(d) Conditional pondering

9. Normal ‘psychological quick cuts’ or fast determination making guidelines might be thought-about what kind of drawback fixing technique?

(a) Heuristics

(b) Perfect Technique

(c) Brainstorming

(d) Graphical representations

10. What’s an instance of regression?

(a) emotions of an ex-boyfriend

(b) denying one thing ever came about

(c) returning to an earlier age to deal with state of affairs

(d) telling the reality

11. Anna’s husband dies, and she or he continues to set a spot for him on the dinner desk. That is an instance of

(a) repression

(b) denial

(c) problem-focused coping

(d) projection adaptation

12. A baby left by himself with out provisions for his wants/or with out correct supervision falls underneath what particular class of a kid?

deserted baby

uncared for baby

abused baby

dependent baby

13. Who outlined intelligence as an combination or international capability of a person to behave purposefully, suppose rationally and deal successfully with the atmosphere

(a) David Weschler

(b) Charles Spearman

(c) Edward Thorndike

(d) Terman

14. Raven’s customary progressive Matrices is a kind of a:

(a) Character Check

(b) Aptitude Check

(c) Energy Check of Intelligence

(d) Not one of the above

15. Who among the many following was the primary particular person to plan an Intelligence Check?

(a) William Stern

(b) Sigmund Freud

(c) Alfred Binet

(d) Alfred Adler





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