Followers agree with J.Y. Park about not believing in MBTI for this very motive

Followers agree with J.Y. Park about not believing in MBTI for this very motive


Why are netizens agreeing with J.Y. Park about not believing in MBTI?

On a web based discussion board, netizens mentioned the much-debated matter of the Myers-Briggs Sort Indicator (MBTI) and its credibility. What ignited this buzz was J.Y. Park’s latest candid remarks on the favored character check throughout an episode of ‘Radio Star.’ The famend singer and producer questioned the validity of MBTI, attributing its alleged inaccuracies to the truth that it’s purely based mostly on one’s personal judgment of the self.

As a result of the check is designed for the customers to reply questions on themselves, J.Y. Park and the netizens underscored the inherent subjectivity of the MBTI. Questions like “You don’t attempt to appeal to folks’s consideration,” “You’re taking nice care to not make folks look dangerous, even when it’s utterly their fault,” and “You’ve problem understanding different folks’s feelings” can differ broadly in interpretation, relying on one’s self-perception.

Netizens agreed with this notion and remarked that one’s self-assessment typically tends to be one-sided and will not align with how others understand a person in actuality. To many, MBTI outcomes replicate not a lot who one is however quite who they aspire to be or, on the very least, how they understand themselves.

Feedback embrace:

“Even when somebody had been to assume that they had been empaths, that will not actually be the case from the angle of others”
“The best way we’re perceived is a part of our social identification and that’s not 100% congruent with who we expect we’re”
“I’d say that I’m good at empathizing with others, however others would possibly nonetheless really feel that I’m solely empathizing with the issues that I find out about and never so properly with others”
“Everybody has completely different requirements for themselves and for others and so this self-test just isn’t actually a sound measure of 1’s so-called character”
“I actually assume that MBTI is only a reflection of 1’s opinion of 1’s self and that is why persons are typically shocked once they hear of their shut pals’ MBTIs”
“It is by no means goal or it’s a minimum of troublesome to be so when attempting to evaluate our personal selves”

“It is only a matter for small discuss…I discover it shocking that so many individuals truly subscribe to this critically”

“It isn’t doable to evaluate ourselves precisely…”
“For instance, ‘F’ sorts might imagine they’re being understanding of others however they may merely be the kind to be extra offended when others do not look out for them”
“Some ‘T’ folks at instances say that they cannot be emotionally understanding of others ‘just because they’re a ‘T’…it is simply one other instrument to create an excuse”

“I want folks would cease asking what my MBTI is…”
“I’ve by no means agreed with an opinion extra”
“Lol I’ve actually seen a very good buddy of mine who selected the exact opposite solutions from the best way I noticed her”

“It is like placing folks into packing containers like these pretend data about blood sorts…”

What are your ideas?

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