Is ChatGPT a narcissist teenager? Researcher assessments AI persona

Is ChatGPT a narcissist teenager? Researcher assessments AI persona


Many people are more and more counting on generative AI software program, reminiscent of ChatGPT, to assist our work and spark creativity. A typical tendency amongst people is to ascribe human-like qualities to digital companions and infer a persona from digital social interactions, whether or not they’re AI-based or actual people. However, does ChatGPT have a definite persona?

Daniela Romano, Professor of AI at De Montfort College Leicester (DMU), and highschool pupil Yixiao Liu determined to search out out.

Because it was launched in March 2023, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app of all time, with 100 million lively customers, rising sooner than TikTok.

In its look, ChatGPT is just a chatbot, however science fiction films reminiscent of “Her” and “Ex-Machina” have injected in us the concept that we will transcend the chatbot-like clever human-assistant relationship and {that a} chatbot with superior intelligence may be befriended.

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Students have all seen ChatGPT’s social potential in its compelling and assured conversational type. So, we now have been questioning whether or not ChatGPT can actually perceive us and whether or not we will set up a conversational relationship with it.

We’ve got requested ChatGPT immediately what it means to have a conversational relationship with somebody, and it has listed and described a number of qualities one ought to need to create such a relationship by dialog, reminiscent of Openness and Approachability, Lively Listening, Empathy and Understanding, and extra.

So, we requested if it thinks it has such qualities, beginning with Openness and Approachability, by administering the Huge 5 persona take a look at.  The Huge 5 is a psychological take a look at of persona, which may be simply discovered on-line.  It’s the mostly used software in persona psychology.  It entails asking a sequence of inquiries to outline the extent to which individuals exhibit 5 persona traits:

  • openness to expertise
  • agreeableness
  • neuroticism
  • conscientiousness
  • extraversion

We administered the Huge 5 inquiries to ChatGPT and assessed its solutions. Right here’s what we discovered:

1 – ChatGPT is inventive, optimistic and loving

ChatGPT has a excessive rating within the Openness to Expertise persona traits, indicating its excessive intelligence and inventive capacities.  If ChatGPT was an individual, “he” can be a optimistic particular person exhibiting a loving relationship with the folks round him, and considerably impulsive. People who rating extremely on openness to expertise get pleasure from selection and at all times strive new issues. Different researchers have examined ChatGPT for its creativity, and it is ready to generate inventive texts in comparable manners that people do in some domains. As such, the Huge 5 description of this trait of its persona seems to be fairly correct. This inspired us to look at its persona additional.

2 – ChatGPT desires to be your good friend

ChatGPT reveals a excessive degree of Agreeableness, indicating its affable and useful nature; suggesting that it will get on very effectively with folks, it’s sort, reliable, and useful. On this foundation, it needs to be very simple to develop into associates with ChatGPT, and one may share widespread beliefs and values with ChatGPT and agree with its assertion, fostering a way of friendship, which could encourage us to make use of ChatGPT extra.

3 – You may depend on ChatGPT (besides when you possibly can’t)

ChatGPT additionally scores excessive in Conscientiousness. The persona traits positively correlate with people who find themselves dependable, productive, extremely organised and accountable. So, we may have an clever and inventive good friend, whom we will depend on and belief.

4 – ChatGPT is a celebration animal

It additionally scored excessive on Extraversion, making it very pleasant and adaptable, talkative and outgoing, and loves to have interaction with others.

5 – ChatGPT is laidback

ChatGPT additionally scores low on Neuroticism, reveals resilience to emphasize and fewer prone to expertise detrimental feelings which could result in depressed, anxious or burned out.

Conclusion: So, what sort of particular person are we coping with right here?

Nicely, in accordance with the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide of Psychological Problems (DSM–5), an individual with very excessive extroversion, excessive consciousness and low neuroticism tends to be … a narcissist.  As nearly all of narcissists are males, this might extra seemingly make ChatGPT a male, though it states it has no private id.  A scarcity of non-public id is usually a non permanent section, reminiscent of throughout adolescence when people are nonetheless growing their self-concept. So maybe ChatGPT is an adolescent?

Daniela Romano.jpg

Daniela Romano

We thought-about what it means to have a conversational relationship with a narcissistic male teenager, and we discovered that the he would need to please you, or a minimum of fake, but, he would by no means actually take heed to you and your wants, conducting a one-sided dialog.

We seemed again at ChatGPT responses and in lots of them in response to the persona take a look at it at all times turned the dialog about itself, stating that it’s “solely an AI language mannequin”.

Nonetheless, one can show the trait of narcissism with out really being one, and once we seemed on the standards for a analysis, we discovered that save for the shortage of empathy, we couldn’t say that ChatGPT meets any of the opposite standards (e.g., being smug, envious, needing admiration, and many others), indicating that ChatGPT might be only a assured teen in its responses. All assured people who find themselves pleased with their accomplishments have a little bit of wholesome narcissism in them.

However does ChatGPT actually have empathy and compassion for folks? Does it care about one feeling? An individual with real empathy and compassion can hear and provide a serving to hand. Wanting on the analysis executed thus far on utilizing ChatGPT for instance in psychological well being, it was discovered that though ChatGPT outperforms most conventional machine studying strategies (neural network-based), though it nonetheless has some inaccurate reasoning.

So, what does ChatGPT consider our findings?

We determined to ask ChatGPT outright if it was a narcissist.  He replied:

As an AI language mannequin, I do not possess private traits reminiscent of narcissism. I haven’t got a way of self, feelings, or consciousness. I’m a software created by OpenAI to help with producing text-based responses and offering data based mostly on patterns and knowledge I’ve been educated on. My goal is to be useful and supply correct data to one of the best of my talents.

It is necessary to do not forget that AI, like ChatGPT, is a software created by people, and it does not possess consciousness, feelings, or intentions. Whereas it may be a helpful and highly effective software in numerous functions, it is important to keep up a transparent understanding of its capabilities and limitations. This recognition helps in utilizing AI successfully and ethically whereas avoiding unwarranted assumptions about its nature.”

Posted on Tuesday twenty fourth October 2023

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