New UC Davis research could reply why folks get ‘crimson wine complications’

New UC Davis research could reply why folks get ‘crimson wine complications’

UC Davis researchers have discovered {that a} naturally occurring flavonol in crimson wines may cause facial flushing, headache and nausea.

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Purple wine typically takes heart stage on the vacation menu, but even a number of sips can lead to an unwelcome headache for some. A brand new research could have uncovered the underlying causes behind this phenomenon.

Opposite to centuries of misplaced blame on sulfites and histamines, UC Davis researchers suggest that the true wrongdoer is a naturally occurring flavonol in crimson wines.

In a research revealed Monday within the Scientific Stories journal, the researchers targeted on quercetin, a member of the broader group of compounds often known as flavonols.


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Whereas quercetin is an antioxidant famend for its quite a few well being advantages and accessible as a complement, when mixed with alcohol it transforms into quercetin glucuronide, stated Andrew Waterhouse, wine chemist and professor emeritus a UC Davis.

“When it will get in your bloodstream, your physique converts it to a distinct type,” he stated. “In that type, it blocks the metabolism of alcohol.”

This permits the toxin acetaldehyde to build up quickly, inflicting a headache inside half-hour to 3 hours after one or two glasses for sure folks. Individuals who have a preexisting migraine or one other major headache situation are sometimes extra vulnerable to a “crimson wine headache.”

Supporting this concept is the statement that people with alcoholism who endure disulfiram remedy, aimed toward deterring ingesting by triggering an disagreeable response to alcohol, generally expertise complications and different signs ensuing from an accumulation of acetaldehyde.

“Acetaldehyde is a widely known toxin, irritant and inflammatory substance,” stated lead creator Apramita Devi, a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis. “Researchers know that prime ranges of acetaldehyde may cause facial flushing, headache and nausea.”


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Quercetin ranges in wine differ by the bottle attributable to components resembling daylight, fermentation, and getting older influencing the quantity of antioxidants in grape pores and skin. Purple wine complications, distinct from hangover complications, have perplexed and intrigued scientists for ages.

Whereas this research will not be the final phrase on the topic, Morris Levin, a co-author and professor of neurology at UCSF, expressed hope that the analysis might at the least present reduction for these affected by crimson wine complications.

A scientific trial, funded by the Wine Spectator Scholarship Basis and led by UCSF, is already underway to find out why some persons are extra vulnerable to them and whether or not focusing on quercetin or acetaldehyde might present a treatment.

“We predict we’re lastly heading in the right direction towards explaining this millennia-old thriller,” Levin stated. “The following step is to check it scientifically on individuals who develop these complications, so keep tuned.”

Within the meantime, consultants suggest that people vulnerable to crimson wine complications take into account options like glowing, white, or rosé wines, which don’t ferment with the pores and skin. Some medical doctors additionally counsel taking painkillers or antihistamines earlier than consuming wine, however provided that limiting consumption to 1 or two glasses.


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“If our speculation pans out, then we can have the instruments to start out addressing these essential questions,” Waterhouse stated.

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