Character assessments and the absurdity of self-awareness

Character assessments and the absurdity of self-awareness

In case you have been questioning, I’m an open, over-neurotic INFJ MBTI subtype who’s an Enneagram Achiever and visible learner. My Harry Potter home is Gryffindor, I’m a Left-Twix, and I resonate most strongly with Chandler from Buddies and the brown M&M. As my father as soon as famously stated: “When you select brown, all the opposite colours allow you to down.”

If any of the above sentences resonated with you, you might also share my love for persona assessments. I like translating the depths of my psyche onto a five-point Likert scale or a number of alternative response, startling myself with the “actual” questions, like “Do I let others take cost of conditions?” or “Am I an uncommon particular person?” Is that one thing solely a “regular particular person would suppose? I like grounding myself in the concept I’m an authentic one that decides my future, after which having somebody on the web inform me precisely who I’m, be it knowledgeable psychologist or some content material editor at Buzzfeed. I absolutely admit to the hypocrisy of claiming I don’t consider persons are meant to slot in neat bins after which get excited after I neatly match some psychologist’s purely made-up class, just like the rarest Myers-Briggs subtype (to not brag).

I do know extra persona assessments are primarily pseudoscience disguised as “significant introspection.” Solely a choose few assessments have been proven to have any validity and reliability exterior academia, ensuing from each design and consumer error. I’m requested to provide quantifiable responses to deliberately imprecise questions, solutions that I’ll most definitely change the subsequent time I take the identical evaluation. I’ll in all probability lie about how type and arranged I’m as a result of I clearly can’t let an goal laptop algorithm choose my sins. Most significantly, I’m taking a check to raised perceive myself by answering questions that check how properly I do know my very own habitswhich appears essentially counterintuitive.

I feel these questions will reveal some kind of inside basis of myself, however what they really reveal is a snapshot taken by means of some stranger’s lens, probably riddled with biases. These biases are extremely amplified when persona testing is used as a hiring software in companies, an method that has rightfully confronted intense scrutiny for blatant racism, sexism, and ableism. Basing one’s promotion or firing primarily based on 20 random questions and a jumble of letters is sure to have its moral qualms. However, in response to the Harvard Enterprise Overview, persona testing is a $500 million business, with development charges estimated at 10 to fifteen% yearly, and appeals to consulting companies, hedge funds, start-ups and college packages alike.

But, I do see the worth of getting some exterior physique name out your potential blind spots or undertake an entire new language to explain who you might be. As a youngster fumbling by means of maturity like a potato falling down a staircase, I discover myself making choices and actions I can’t clarify, points of myself which are one way or the other exterior of my management. Some of the underrated sides of adolescence is that this sudden growth in behavioral literacy and the belief that honing behavioral literacy is crucial to navigating an more and more complicated world. Maybe, then, persona assessments function extra of an act of self-preservation and self-care than an goal inquiry into one thing inherently subjective.

Character assessments aren’t “scientific,” however self-understanding isn’t meant to be a scientific course of. Individuals are not meant to suit into classes, however possibly studying the place some previous man thinks you slot in could be a productive train in studying about your personal psychology (or extra importantly, the inside psychology of that man). And psychometrics shouldn’t be relied on for organizational decision-making, however possibly it may possibly encourage you to be extra self-compassionate. On the finish of the day, persona testing requires the identical mindset any psychologist would encourage when eager about your self: don’t take it too critically.

Monika Narain is a Trinity junior. Her column sometimes runs on alternating Thursdays.

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