Character Kind, Traits & Cognitive Features

Character Kind, Traits & Cognitive Features


INFP is a 4-letter acronym that stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. The INFP character sort is among the 16 differing kinds recognized by the Myers-Briggs Kind Indicator (MBTI).

The INFP character sort is usually described as an “idealist” or “mediator” character. Individuals with this type of character are usually introverted, idealistic, artistic, and pushed by excessive values.

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INFPs wish to make the world a greater place and are serious about how they’ll greatest assist others. In addition they attempt to realize a larger understanding of themselves and the way they match into the world.

Individuals with this character sort spend loads of time exploring their very own objective in life and enthusiastic about how they’ll use their abilities and abilities to greatest serve humanity.

“This character sort tends to dedicate themselves when serious about one thing, however can wrestle to keep up enthusiasm when it’s one thing they don’t care about or are serious about,” says Christopher Hansen, a licensed skilled counselor at Thriveworks in Austin, TX.

INFP Compatibility

INFP is the other character sort of ESTJ. Different comparable character sorts embody INTP and ENFJ.

Key INFP Traits

INFPs are recognized to be introverted, quiet, and reserved. Being in social conditions can drain their vitality, and so they choose interacting with a choose group of shut pals. Whereas they prefer to be alone, this could not essentially be confused with shyness. As a substitute, it merely implies that INFPs acquire vitality from spending time alone. However, they must expend vitality in social conditions.

INFPs sometimes depend on instinct and are extra targeted on the massive image moderately than the nitty-gritty particulars. They are often fairly meticulous about issues they actually care about or tasks they’re engaged on however are likely to ignore mundane or boring particulars.

INFPs place an emphasis on private emotions, and their selections are extra influenced by these considerations moderately than by goal info.

In terms of making selections, INFPs prefer to hold their choices open. They usually delay making necessary selections simply in case one thing concerning the state of affairs adjustments. When selections are made, they’re often primarily based on private values moderately than logic.

INFP Strengths

  • Loyal and devoted

  • Delicate to emotions

  • Caring and serious about others

  • Works effectively alone

  • Worth shut relationships

  • Good at seeing “the massive image”

Cognitive Features of an INFP

The MBTI is predicated on a idea of character created by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Jung proposed that there are 4 psychological parts of character: considering, feeling, sensation, and instinct. Individuals then direct every of those cognitive features inwardly (introverted) or outwardly (extraverted).

Within the MBTI, every character sort is made up of a hierarchical stack of those features. The dominant operate largely controls character, though it’s supported by the auxiliary and, to a lesser diploma, the tertiary features. Inferior features are these which might be primarily unconscious however nonetheless exert some affect.

INFPs are likely to depend on the next 4 cognitive features:

Dominant: Introverted Feeling

INFPs expertise a fantastic depth of emotions however, as introverts, they sometimes course of these feelings internally. They possess an unbelievable sense of marvel concerning the world and really feel nice compassion and empathy for others.

Whereas these feelings are robust, INFPs have a tendency to not specific them outwardly, which is why they’ll typically be mistaken as aloof or unwelcoming.

Auxiliary: Extraverted Instinct

INFPs discover conditions utilizing creativeness and ‘what if’ situations, usually considering by way of quite a lot of potentialities earlier than selecting a plan of action. Their inside lives are a dominant pressure in character, and so they interact with the surface world by utilizing their instinct.

INFPs give attention to the “huge image” and issues that can form the course of the longer term. This means helps make them transformative leaders who’re enthusiastic about making constructive adjustments on the earth.

Tertiary: Introverted Sensing

When taking in info, INFPs create vivid recollections of the occasions. They are going to usually replay these incidents of their minds to investigate experiences in much less demanding settings. Such recollections are often related to robust feelings, so recalling a reminiscence can usually look like reliving the expertise itself.

Inferior: Extraverted Pondering

This cognitive operate entails organizing and making sense of the world in an goal and logical method. Whereas it’s a primarily unconscious affect on the INFP’s character, extraversion can present itself in instances of strain. When confronted with stress, an INFP may out of the blue grow to be very pragmatic and detail-oriented, for example, specializing in logic moderately than emotion.

As a result of they’re sometimes dominated extra by instinct and emotion, INFPs can typically wrestle to really feel productive and environment friendly. Studying to develop the extraverted considering operate will help individuals with the INFP character sort create a greater sense of steadiness.

INFPs You May Know

Some well-known INFP individuals embody:

  • Audrey Hepburn, actress
  • JRR Tolkien, writer
  • Princess Diana, British royal
  • William Shakespeare, playwright
  • Fred Rogers, tv character

Private Relationships With INFPs

INFPs are idealists so they have a tendency to have excessive expectations—together with in relationships. They may maintain an idealized picture of their minds of their excellent companion, which is usually a tough position for any particular person to fill.

Individuals with an INFP character sort care deeply about different individuals. But, as introverts, they are often tough to know. They do are likely to grow to be very shut and deeply dedicated to the few that they forge shut relationships with.

INFPs additionally dislike and attempt to keep away from battle. When conflicts or arguments do come up, they often focus extra on the way it makes them really feel moderately than the precise particulars. Throughout arguments, INFPs might sound overly emotional and even irrational. Nonetheless, they may also be good mediators by serving to others concerned in a battle determine and specific their emotions.

“This character sort doesn’t essentially keep away from individuals, they merely choose shut pals and small teams and like their alone time,” says Hansen.

As a result of they’re so reserved and personal, it may be tough for different individuals to get to know INFPs. They are usually fairly dedicated to their circle of shut family and friends and place excessive significance on the emotions and feelings of their family members.

The Backside Line

A lot of an INFP’s vitality is concentrated inwardly and characterised by intense emotions and robust values. They are usually very loyal to the individuals they love and to beliefs and causes which might be necessary to them.

Profession Paths for INFPs

INFPs sometimes do effectively in careers the place they’ll specific their creativity and imaginative and prescient. Whereas they work effectively with others, they often choose to work alone.

INFPs are usually very artistic, creative, and non secular. They’re usually expert with language however could choose to specific their ideas and emotions by way of writing moderately than talking.

As a result of they’ve robust ethics and values, INFPs additionally grow to be captivated with advocating or defending their beliefs. Whereas they really feel strongly about their very own values, they’re additionally serious about studying extra about others and are keen to pay attention and contemplate many sides of a difficulty.

Standard INFP Careers

Standard careers for an INFP character embody:

Suggestions for Interacting With INFPs

If you’re pals with an INFP, are someway engaged with an INFP mum or dad, or are concerned in a relationship with an INFP, listed below are just a few interplay ideas.


INFPs sometimes have only some shut friendships, however these relationships are typically long-lasting. Whereas individuals with this kind of character are adept at understanding others’ feelings, they usually wrestle to share their very own emotions with others.

Social contact might be tough, though INFPs crave emotional intimacy and deep relationships. Attending to know an INFP can take time and work, however the rewards might be nice for individuals who have the persistence and understanding.


INFP dad and mom are often supportive, caring, and heat. They’re good at establishing tips and serving to kids develop robust values.

An INFP’s aim as dad and mom is to assist their kids develop as people and totally recognize the wonders of the world. They could wrestle to share their very own feelings with their kids and are sometimes targeted on creating concord within the dwelling.


As with friendships, INFPs could wrestle to grow to be near potential romantic companions. As soon as they do kind a relationship, they strategy it with a powerful sense of loyalty.

INFPs can typically maintain overly romanticized views of relationships and will have excessively excessive expectations that their companions wrestle to dwell as much as. In addition they are likely to take feedback personally whereas, on the identical time, struggling to keep away from conflicts.

In case your companion is an INFP, perceive that they could wrestle at instances to open up. They could even be overly delicate to perceived criticisms and can usually place your happiness over that of their very own.

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