These persona assessments clarify what makes us tick

These persona assessments clarify what makes us tick


Aristotle mentioned, “Realizing your self is the start of all knowledge.” To that finish, I’ve all the time been a sucker for persona assessments. It began with these foolish ones in Tiger Beat journal and continued with extra subtle assessments just like the Myers-Briggs Sort Indicator, DISC Evaluation and the Enneagram Character Check, which I discover to be a simple and spot-on method to higher perceive your self and others.

To be clear, the scientific validity of most persona assessments will not be broadly accepted, and a few consultants dismiss them as pseudoscience. Regardless of the Enneagram’s lack of relevance in tutorial communities, I can definitely see their worth. I imagine our effort to know what makes ourselves and others tick, can assist us reside extra superbly.

In response to Wikipedia, the precise origin of the Enneagram of Character is disputed however thought to derive from the work of thinker Oscar Ichazo within the Nineteen Fifties. At present the Enneagram is utilized in each enterprise administration and private progress to realize insights into interpersonal dynamics, self-awareness and self-development.

Persons are additionally studying…

The Enneagram is a system of persona which describes folks when it comes to 9 varieties, every with their very own motivations, values, fears and inner dynamics. There may be a lot to find out about his idea, however here is a broad take a look at every sort. Every contains adjectives that is perhaps considered as extra optimistic or unfavorable traits. I’m wondering if any of those varieties shout your identify or the identify of somebody you realize!

Sort One — The Reformer is taken into account to be the rational, idealistic sort described as principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic.

Sort Two — The Helper is taken into account to be the caring, interpersonal sort described as demonstrative, beneficiant, people-pleasing and possessive.

Sort Three — The Achiever is taken into account to be the success-oriented, pragmatic sort described as adaptive, excelling, pushed and image-conscious.

Sort 4 — The Individualist is taken into account to be the delicate, withdrawn sort described as expressive, dramatic, temperamental and romantic.

Sort 5 — The Investigator is taken into account to be the extreme, cerebral sort described as perceptive, revolutionary, secretive and remoted.

Sort Six — The Loyalist is taken into account to be the dedicated, security-oriented sort described as partaking, accountable, anxious and reliable.

Sort Seven — The Fanatic is taken into account to be the busy fun-loving sort described as spontaneous, adaptive, distractible and scattered.

Sort Eight — The Challenger is taken into account to be the highly effective, dominating sort described as self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational.

Sort 9 — The Peacemaker is taken into account to be the easy-going, self-effacing sort described as receptive, reassuring, agreeable and complacent.

In response to the Enneagram Institute, everybody emerges from childhood with one of many 9 varieties dominating their persona, with inborn temperament and different pre-natal elements being the principle determinant of our sort. In different phrases, we’re all born with a dominant sort, and the institute asserts folks don’t change from one primary sort to a different.

Though there isn’t a official Enneagram check, web site known as Truity has what they declare to be the most well-liked Enneagram check within the US, with a couple of million assessments taken every month. The Truity check consists of about 100 questions and takes 10-Quarter-hour to finish. The check and outcomes are free, though a extra complete full report may be bought. Go to to take the Enneagram Character Check.

Neurologist and writer of The Mind-Primarily based Enneagram: You Are Not a Quantity, Jerome D. Lubbe says the Enneagram is a great tool to know our strengths and challenges. It could assist us look at how we relate to ourselves, others and our world. Personally, this data confirms my tendency for perfectionism and helps me give myself a break once I change into overly earnest. If I get pissed off by folks I’d view as too complacent, frivolous or confrontational, the Enneagram system jogs my memory to indicate them extra endurance, understanding and beauty. As French thinker and mathematician Auguste Comte mentioned, “Know your self to enhance your self.”

Alicia Woodward taught literature and language arts for greater than 25 years. She and her husband selected to retire to Mount Vernon the place they each grew up. The Easy Swan is a weblog that evokes stunning residing for the sage reader. Subscribe at www.thesimpleswan. E mail her at

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