What Are the 24 Character Strengths?

What Are the 24 Character Strengths?


Individuals usually search for good character in others, whether or not they’re staff, college students, buddies, or potential relationship companions. In accordance with constructive psychology, good character is exemplified by 24 broadly valued character strengths.

Find out how the concept of those character strengths took place, how they’re organized, and assess which strengths an individual could possess. We additionally share methods to maximise one’s character strengths, enabling an individual to reside to their fullest potential.

Historical past of the 24 Character Strengths

The notion of character strengths was first launched by psychologists Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson. Seligman and Neal Mayerson, one other psychologist, created the Values In Motion (VIA) Institute on Character, which makes use of the VIA Stock of Strengths developed by Peterson to determine individuals’s constructive character strengths.

A personality energy stock can determine each an individual’s strengths and methods they’ll use these strengths of their life. Constructing on one’s constructive character strengths may help them enhance their life and emotional well-being, in addition to handle the challenges and difficulties they’re dealing with.

It is also vital to notice that the 24 character strengths that these instruments determine have been studied throughout cultures. These strengths are vital elements of particular person and social well-being globally, with completely different strengths predicting completely different outcomes.

As an illustration, mental, emotional, and interpersonal character strengths may help an individual higher address work-related stressors, finally impacting their stage of job satisfaction. Interventions that assist construct character strengths may also enhance the psychological well-being of individuals with continual diseases.

Classification of Character Strengths

The 24 character strengths are divided into six courses of virtues: knowledge, braveness, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. Here’s a nearer take a look at the six virtues and the constructive character strengths which can be grouped with every of them.


Those that rating excessive within the space of knowledge are inclined to have character strengths that make them purchase data and use it in inventive and helpful methods. The core knowledge character strengths are:

  • Creativity: Pondering of recent methods to do issues
  • Curiosity: Taking an curiosity in all kinds of matters
  • Open-mindedness: Analyzing issues from all sides; considering issues by means of
  • Love of studying: Mastering new matters, abilities, and our bodies of analysis
  • Perspective: Having the ability to present clever counsel to others; wanting on the world in a approach that is sensible


Individuals who rating excessive in braveness have emotional character strengths that permit them to perform objectives regardless of any opposition they face—whether or not inside or exterior. The character strengths related to braveness are:

  • Honesty: Talking the reality; being genuine and real
  • Bravery: Embracing challenges, difficulties, or ache; not shrinking from risk
  • Persistence: Ending issues as soon as they’re began
  • Zest: Approaching all issues in life with power and pleasure


Those that rating excessive in humanity have a spread of interpersonal character strengths that contain caring for and befriending others. These core character strengths are:

  • Kindness: Doing favors and good deeds
  • Love: Valuing shut relations with others
  • Social intelligence: Being conscious of different individuals’s motives and emotions


People who find themselves robust in justice are inclined to possess civic strengths that underscore the significance of a wholesome neighborhood. The character strengths within the justice group are:

  • Equity: Treating all individuals the identical
  • Management: Organizing group actions and ensuring they occur
  • Teamwork: Working nicely with others as a bunch or a staff


Those that rating excessive in temperance are inclined to have strengths that shield in opposition to the excesses in life. These strengths are:

  • Forgiveness: Forgiving others who’ve wronged them
  • Modesty: Letting one’s successes and accomplishments stand on their very own
  • Prudence: Avoiding doing issues they could remorse; making good decisions
  • Self-regulation: Being disciplined; controlling one’s appetites and feelings


People who find themselves robust in transcendence are inclined to forge connections with God, the universe, or religions that present that means, objective, and understanding. The core constructive character strengths related to transcendence are:

  • Appreciation of magnificence: Noticing and appreciating magnificence and excellence in every part
  • Gratitude: Being grateful for the great issues; taking time to specific thanks
  • Hope: Anticipating the very best; working to make it occur; believing good issues are potential
  • Humor: Making different individuals smile or chuckle; having fun with jokes
  • Religiousness: Having a stable perception a couple of increased objective and that means of life

Optimistic Character Traits Record

The 24 constructive character strengths are break up into six advantage courses:

  • Knowledge: Creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of studying, perspective
  • Braveness: Honesty, bravery, persistence, zest
  • Humanity: Kindness, love, social intelligence
  • Justice: Equity, management, teamwork
  • Temperance: Forgiveness, modesty, prudence, self-regulation
  • Transcendence: Appreciation of magnificence, gratitude, hope, humor, religiousness

How Character Strengths Are Assessed

An individual’s character strengths may be decided utilizing considered one of two inventories. The VIA Stock of Strengths (VIA-IS) is for individuals aged 18 and older, whereas the VIA Stock of Strengths—Youth Model (VIA-Youth) is designed for youths and youths aged 10 to 17.

The objective behind the classification of strengths is to give attention to what is correct about individuals fairly than pathologize what’s flawed with them. It is vital to level out that individuals sometimes have various levels of every constructive character energy. In different phrases, they are going to be excessive in some strengths, common in some, and low in others.

There isn’t any single indicator of fine character. As an alternative, an individual’s character needs to be considered throughout a continuum.

The VIA Institute on Character stresses that the traits not included as signature strengths are usually not essentially weaknesses, however fairly lesser strengths compared to the others. Likewise, the highest 5 strengths shouldn’t be rigidly interpreted as a result of there are normally no significant variations of their magnitudes.

Makes use of for Character Strengths

One of many important causes for assessing constructive character strengths is to make use of this data to higher perceive, determine, and construct on these strengths. For instance, figuring out and harnessing character strengths may help younger individuals expertise larger educational success. It may possibly additionally assist individuals enhance emotions of happiness.

Realizing an individual’s character strengths gives a lens by means of which psychologists, educators, and even mother and father can look. It helps them see not solely what makes an individual distinctive but in addition allows them to higher perceive assist that particular person construct on these strengths to enhance their conditions or outcomes.

For instance, one technique entails encouraging individuals to make use of their signature strengths in a brand new approach every week. Research have discovered that taking this method can result in will increase in happiness and reduces in despair. One other method entails specializing in an individual’s lowest-rated character strengths in an try to reinforce these areas of their lives.

Analysis has demonstrated that traumatic occasions can change an individual’s character strengths, as evidenced by research investigating the consequences of taking pictures tragedies. Different research be aware that some character strengths may help individuals higher address a majority of these conditions, comparable to was discovered with individuals who lived by means of Hurricane Michael, a class 5 storm.


Total, figuring out and utilizing one’s character strengths has the potential to enhance their well being and well-being, improve their job efficiency, and enhance their educational success. It is also a extra constructive approach of viewing and bettering oneself than specializing in their shortcomings and faults.

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