What Is Enneagram? – 9 Enneagram Character Sorts

What Is Enneagram? – 9 Enneagram Character Sorts


You possibly can’t scroll by way of Instagram or TikTok as of late with out seeing a submit about Enneagram sorts and their particular traits. Are you a “Challenger” or an “Investigator”? Are you a “Perfectionist” or a “Loyalist”? In the event you’re not accustomed to the idea of Enneagrams, it is essential to notice that you do not select your Enneagram sort. To know which Enneagram you’re, you’re taking a check starting from 30 to 200 questions, just like the Myers-Briggs (or MBTI) character check.

Whilst you can stroll by way of life not understanding your Enneagram sort — it will not make or break you — the idea has gained recognition as a robust device for self-discovery and private progress. If harnessed, Enneagram knowledgeable and Bonheur Jewellery founder Ally Mataj says, understanding your Enneagram can have transformative potential, like:

  • Nurturing a deeper reference to your self and others
  • Gaining insights into your core fears, wishes, and unconscious motivations
  • Offering self-awareness and growth (in your private {and professional} life)
  • Understanding your patterns of habits, decision-making processes, and emotional responses
  • Cultivating self-compassion
  • Creating methods to interrupt free from limiting behaviors

What’s Enneagram?

In response to Jason Olivea — an authorized Enneagram instructor of 20+ years who coaches shoppers and developed a one-of-a-kind Enneagram Character Evaluation and holistic interpretation methodology for Enneagram sorts — Enneagrams reveal patterns of considering, feeling, and behaving in response and response to your experiences and understanding of your self, others, and the world. In different phrases, discovering your character sort is not sufficient to return to a conclusion on who you’re. Enneagrams take your journey — previous, current, and future — plus, the world you reside in and who surrounds you under consideration.

Olivea additionally believes your Enneagram can “present the psychological cage you could have put your self in and consequently, it will possibly supply a option to navigate your self to freedom.”

Enneagrams, MBTI, and the Zodiac: What is the distinction?

Most of us are usually not new to the grouping of character sorts or taking character checks. You’ve got doubtless learn your horoscope, realized about your astrological signal, and even calculated your life path quantity. You could have taken the MBTI check or The Love Language Quiz.

“Enneagrams and Myers-Briggs (MBTI) are each standard character frameworks, however they differ of their focus and method,” says Mataj. “Enneagrams delve into core motivations and unconscious fears, emphasizing private progress and transformation. Alternatively, MBTI focuses on cognitive preferences, highlighting how people understand and make choices.”

In response to Mataj, who incorporates the Enneagram sorts’ distinct qualities into jewellery designs to resonate together with her clients, Enneagrams discover deeper layers of your character and supply a roadmap for private growth, making them extra productive.

“Enneagrams and Zodiac indicators differ of their origins and scope. Zodiac indicators are based mostly on astrology and birthdates, whereas Enneagrams are rooted in psychology and give attention to core motivations and behaviors,” Mataj factors out. “Enneagrams present a extra complete understanding of particular person character patterns, whereas Zodiac indicators primarily supply basic traits related to astrological influences.”

Origins of the Enneagram

The Enneagram’s origins are usually not definitively identified, however the trendy Enneagram as we all know it in the present day largely got here to mild within the mid-Twentieth century when Bolivian thinker and instructor Oscar Ichazo linked the 9 factors to outline “ego fixations.” The platform has been additional developed by numerous students and practitioners since then to make them simply digestible and put into every day follow.

What number of Enneagram sorts are there?

There are 9 Enneagram sorts. Every has their distinct “False Core Beliefs,” which will be outlined as your primary fears or core points. That is why once you first learn your Enneagram sort and the traits that align, it’s possible you’ll really feel “attacked” or delicate. “Every Sort has a major particular and distinctive compensation technique to get their psychological and emotional wants met,” says Olivea, so you should use this as a device for making optimistic change in your life. “The following optimistic and adverse traits for every sort are largely simply compensation patterns for every distinct False Core Perception,” Olivea provides.

    Every of the 9 factors on the Enneagram represents a definite technique for referring to the self, others, and the world. Every sort, or quantity, has its personal set of traits, strengths, and weaknesses, which you’ll be able to learn extra about under.

    What are the Enneagram sorts?

    Eager about studying extra concerning the totally different Enneagram sorts? Earlier than you dive into studying the descriptions under, you need to take an Enneagram check to establish the place you fall. That method, you possibly can go into the evaluation with a transparent, unbiased method. As soon as you recognize your sort, learn these knowledgeable Enneagram descriptions offered by Olivea:

    Enneagram Sort 1: The Perfectionist/Reformer

    • Accountable, structured, organized, moral, severe, and self-disciplined
    • Really feel personally accountable to enhance or repair themselves and the world round them
    • May be fairly opinionated, impatient, inflexible, important (and self-critical), irritable and judgmental
    • Usually having points with repression, resistance and aggression

    Enneagram Sort 2: The Helper

    • Caring, heat, considerate, beneficiant, and affectionate
    • Oriented with others and revel in enjoying the function of that particular pal you possibly can lean and rely upon
    • Recognized to be enablers as they need others to want their assist
    • May be people-pleasing, clingy, possessive, insincere (at instances), and have an growing problem acknowledging their very own wants and pains

    Enneagram Sort 3: The Achiever

    • Competent, adaptable, goal-oriented, bold, diplomatic, charming, and picture aware
    • Nice at motivating others to private achievements, which makes them wonderful mentors
    • Whereas being adaptable is a good high quality it leaves the Sort 3 not sure of who they’re or what their very own deepest values are
    • Their measure of success is outlined by their household, their tradition and their social sphere
    • May be aggressive, self-promoting, status-seeking, boastful and “acceptable” as an alternative of honest

    Enneagram Sort 4: The Individualist

    • Intuitive, delicate, passionate, artistic, romantic, imaginative, introspective and self-expressive
    • Of all of the Sorts, Fours are probably the most conscious of their emotional standing they usually deeply want to be themselves and know the depths of their hearts
    • Recognized to be moody, emotionally demanding, self-absorbed, temperamental, dramatic, pretentious and self-indulgent
    • One of many greatest cautions for this Sort is that they have a tendency to nurse wounds and maintain on to adverse emotions, which doesn’t make them very forgiving and at instances blind to the blessings of their lives

    Enneagram Sort 5: The Investigator

    • Centered, observant, curious, insightful, studious, advanced, profound, perceptive, unsentimental, and unbiased
    • Need to learn the way issues work and why issues are the best way that they’re
    • Draw back with Fives is that they are often very indifferent, preoccupied, high-strung, remoted, impractical, unconventional, and uncompromising
    • Sort 5 prefers the lifetime of the thoughts, as a method of escaping from facets of actuality, corresponding to coping with their very own emotions of discomfort and disappointment, and to grasp the world round them

    Enneagram Sort 6: The Loyalist

    • Dependable, hard-working, vigilant, dutiful, evaluating, persevering, and cautious
    • Good with particulars and have a expertise at forecasting potential issues and dangers
    • Are double-minded — so they’re believing and doubting, conservative and liberal
    • The weaknesses of Sixes are being too pessimistic, defensive, evasive, adverse, worrying, reactive, blaming and suspicious
    • Lack the self-confidence that they possess the inner assets to deal with life’s challenges, due to this fact they closely depend on constructions, allies, and beliefs

    Enneagram Sort 7: The Fanatic

    • Excitable, spontaneous, optimistic, keen, outgoing, future-oriented, adventurous, fast, and talkative
    • Are a variety of enjoyable to be round, but they’ll additionally get exhausting for others to maintain up with their want to repeatedly be doing one thing
    • Sevens get into hassle by being too scattered of their considering and doing, simply distracted and stressed, impatient, thrill-seeking, escapist, irresponsible and extreme
    • Robbed of true pleasure of being current of their experiences

    Enneagram Sort 8: The Challenger

    • Sturdy, assertive, unbiased, decided, action-oriented, pragmatic, aggressive, simple, shrewd, and insistent
    • They’re charismatic and have the bodily and psychological skill to steer others to comply with them into all types of tasks
    • They’ve huge willpower and vitality, they usually usually search management roles
    • May be too blunt, domineering, forceful, defiant, confrontational, bad-tempered, rageful and vengeful
    • May be onerous to work with due to their outward hostility and lack of emotion

    Enneagram Sort 9: The Peacemaker

    • Affected person, easygoing, receptive, relaxed, agreeable, uncomplicated, comforting, sensual and optimistic
    • Search interior and outer peace for themselves and others
    • May be emotionally unavailable, complacent, and unaware of their very own anger, which might come out as passive aggressive at instances and unrealistic

    How do I discover my Enneagram sort?

    From paid to free, listed below are just a few methods to find out your Enneagram sort:

    There are additionally revealed books on the Enneagram like:

    As soon as you recognize extra concerning the character sorts, you may as well do a self-guided evaluation. Begin by asking your self questions related to discovering your “core motivations” beneath your behaviors.


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