What the Enneagram Sorts Say About Your Character

What the Enneagram Sorts Say About Your Character

The Enneagram is a typology system that describes human persona as various interconnected persona sorts. Whereas it has turn out to be in style inside spirituality and enterprise disciplines, there was restricted analysis on the usage of Enneagram sorts and it’s not broadly accepted within the discipline of evidence-based psychology.

The Enneagram consists of a nine-point diagram through which every level represents a persona sort. The Enneagram determine or diagram is made up of three parts. The outer half is a circle, which then accommodates a triangle and an irregular hexagon.

At its easiest, the Enneagram represents 9 completely different persona sorts. Past these primary 9 persona sorts, the system grows rather more advanced and contains 27 completely different subtypes, in addition to three key “facilities” targeted on motion, feeling, and considering.

At a Look

As is the case with any persona sort system or categorization, it is vital to all the time take your outcomes with an enormous grain of salt. Whereas fascinating to contemplate, the Enneagram shouldn’t be primarily based on established psychological science and, much like astrology, ought to merely be used as a instrument for self-reflection and never dedication.

How the Enneagram System Works

Every of the 9 persona sorts is characterised by a set of dominant behaviors, motivations, and fears. The purpose of this method is to higher perceive your Enneagram sort so that you simply’ll be capable to benefit from your strengths and tackle your weaknesses as a way to obtain your full potential.

Your Primary Enneagram Sort

In line with Enneagram idea, individuals are born with a dominant persona sort that may then be formed by environmental components and experiences.

These two forces additionally are inclined to affect one another. Whereas inborn traits and traits assist form how individuals reply to their experiences, their atmosphere additionally performs a job in shaping how persona is shaped and expressed.

Your Adjoining Enneagram Sorts

The Enneagram system additionally holds that nobody is one single sort. As a substitute, persona is a mixture of your primary Enneagram sort, in addition to no less than one or two adjoining sorts referred to as “wings.” These adjoining persona sorts might affect total persona, however they don’t change an individual’s primary Enneagram sort.

In line with Enneagram idea, individuals don’t change from one primary sort of persona to a different. Nevertheless, not all parts of persona are all the time expressed—individuals are all the time fluctuating relying on components corresponding to their well being and habits.

You may determine with the traits of different sorts, however the Enneagram means that it’s your dominant sort that’s a very powerful.

After taking an Enneagram check, respondents be taught which primary sort finest describes their persona. Relying upon the check, respondents may uncover one or two extra Enneagram sorts that additionally contribute to their total persona.

Enneagram Sorts

Every of the 9 Enneagram sorts is thought by each its quantity and its title. Every additionally has its personal set of potential strengths and weaknesses. This is what every Enneagram sort means, and what it will say about your persona.

1. Reformer

This Enneagram sort:

  • Is extremely principled
  • Could be judgmental and uncompromising
  • Is perfectionistic, purposeful, and self-controlled
  • Strives for integrity
  • Fears corruption
  • Has a powerful sense of what’s the “proper” and “incorrect” strategy to do issues

2. Helper

This Enneagram sort:

  • Is beneficiant and people-pleasing
  • Has a powerful need to be cherished, typically denying their very own must make others glad
  • Places a number of power into their relationships, which is usually interpreted as neediness
  • Is real
  • Is an effective listener
  • Tends to miss their very own wants

3. Achiever

This Enneagram sort:

  • Is profitable, adaptable, and hardworking
  • Could typically be an overachiever or workaholic
  • Is pushed to excel
  • Is image-conscious
  • Is adaptable
  • Is extra targeted on success than emotions, however good at speaking

4. Individualist

This Enneagram sort:

  • Is inventive, forward-thinking, and extremely expressive
  • Can typically be self-centered
  • Has a powerful sense of identification
  • Could be temperamental or self-absorbed at occasions

5. Investigator

This Enneagram sort is:

  • Modern and extremely perceptive
  • Good, logical, and likes to suppose deeply about issues
  • Quiet and considerate
  • Goal and logical
  • Indifferent and unemotional

6. Loyalist

This Enneagram sort:

  • Tends to be accountable and dedicated
  • Has long-lasting relationships
  • Is reliable and devoted
  • Tends to fret and dwell on the unfavourable

7. Fanatic

This Enneagram sort is:

  • Spontaneous, fun-loving, and versatile
  • Extraverted—they’re social and love to satisfy new individuals
  • Extremely adventurous and all the time looking out for enjoyable
  • Simply distracted and unfocused
  • Fast considering
  • Good at sustaining a constructive angle

8. Challenger

This Enneagram sort is:

  • Daring, dominating, and confrontational
  • Decisive and self-confident
  • Typically profitable in management roles
  • Typically seen as domineering and aggressive
  • Outspoken and action-oriented

9. Peacemaker

This Enneagram sort:

  • Is agreeable and easy-going
  • Is self-effacing and complacent at occasions
  • Avoids battle each time potential
  • Promotes concord in teams
  • Dislikes disagreements
  • Could ignore their very own needs and desires simply to make sure peace

Makes use of of the Enneagram

The Enneagram works by sorting individuals into these 9 differing kinds. The purpose is to provide perception not solely into the person’s personal persona but in addition to supply worthwhile info on tips on how to higher relate to different individuals.

Potential Purposes of the Enneagram

  • Private development and growth
  • Interpersonal communication, workforce constructing, and management growth
  • Creating profitable relationships at work and in different life areas

Whereas the Enneagram idea wants additional analysis to validate its use, it has gained some recognition as a instrument for constructing higher relationships. By gaining perception into particular person strengths and weaknesses, individuals can search for methods to higher relate and talk with their companions.

The Enneagram is usually used inside the discipline of industrial-organizational psychology to assist enhance worker motivation and productiveness. Companies make the most of the check to assist their workers achieve a larger understanding of group dynamics and interpersonal communication.

The Enneagram check has additionally turn out to be in style on social media as individuals share extra about their outcomes and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Impression of the Enneagram

Whereas critics observe that the system is rooted extra in a semi-mystical historical philosophy than in scientifically legitimate analysis, there’s some proof that the Enneagram has some use as a persona instrument:

  • A research printed within the Journal of Grownup Improvement discovered that contributors who took half in an Enneagram coaching program confirmed enhancements in ego growth and private development.
  • A year-long investigation carried out in 2004 by researchers Saville and Holdsworth discovered that the Enneagram was corresponding to different well-known and extra accepted theories, together with the Myers-Briggs Sort Indicator (MBTI) and the Massive 5.
  • One case research printed within the journal Modern Household Remedy instructed that the Enneagram might be a useful gizmo inside the context of counseling, serving to to facilitate remedy and promote consciousness within the counseling relationship.
Whereas promising, additional analysis continues to be wanted to discover the Enneagram’s applicability and usefulness.

Pattern Enneagram Check Questions

Some Enneagram assessments contain answering questions primarily based on a sliding scale the place “1” signifies that you disagree and “5” signifies that you agree. Examples of these kinds of questions embody:

  • It can be crucial that others like me.
  • I try for perfection.
  • I really feel feelings deeply.
  • Others won’t ever perceive me.
  • You will need to me to keep away from ache and struggling in any respect prices.

Different Enneagram assessments solely assist you to select from two solutions, every of which tends to be reverse of the opposite. Examples of these kinds of questions embody:

  • I tend to: tackle confrontations / keep away from confrontations.
  • I’m usually: targeted and intense / spontaneous and fun-loving.
  • Usually talking, it’s: straightforward to get an increase out of me / tough to get an increase out of me.
  • I want to: present affection to others / keep a distance from others.

Ideas for Utilizing Enneagram Check Outcomes

The Enneagram has turn out to be better-known thanks, partially, to the rising recognition of on-line persona assessments. As a result of the Enneagram addresses faults and weaknesses in addition to strengths, it’s usually regarded as a instrument for self-analysis and self-improvement. By recognizing these areas, individuals can work towards turning into extra self-aware and attaining larger self-actualization.

There are just a few vital issues it’s best to bear in mind when taking any persona check, the Enneagram check included:

  • Character is advanced and a easy on-line check shouldn’t be sufficient to inform you every part about your persona, motivations, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Such assessments will be enjoyable and fascinating however watch out to not take your outcomes too significantly.
  • A persona check generally is a strategy to achieve perception into your personal persona and could be a place to begin for gaining larger private perception and self-awareness.

In case you are eager about studying your Enneagram sorts, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Sort Indicator (RHETI) will be discovered on the Enneagram Institute’s web site. You should buy a single-use code for $12 to take the check.

Potential Pitfalls of the Enneagram

There are just a few pitfalls to contemplate with regards to the Enneagram and Enneagram sorts.

  • The Enneagram has gained recognition in some areas however has additionally been criticized for being pseudoscientific. It’s usually described as being overly obscure and tough to check scientifically.
  • Enneagram sort descriptions have been criticized for being too normal, nearly Barnum-effect type statements that may typically appear extra like horoscopes slightly than empirically examined descriptions of persona. (The Barnum impact is a psychological phenomenon through which individuals charge persona descriptions as being extremely correct and individualized, even when they’re so obscure they’ll apply to nearly anybody).
  • Not everybody agrees on how the system works. Some Enneagram theorists consider that persona consists of a dominant sort and one adjoining wing, whereas different theorists counsel that there are two wings. The official Enneagram website means that that is an space in want of additional analysis.
It is usually vital to do not forget that the Enneagram doesn’t counsel that any sort is healthier or extra fascinating than one other. Whether or not the traits related to every sort are seen as a assist or a hindrance will depend on the person and their tradition.

Historical past of the Enneagram

The origins of the Enneagram are one thing of a thriller. It could date again to the time of the traditional Greeks, though its actual historical past is disputed. It’s a synthesis of a number of completely different non secular traditions, together with parts of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

A thinker and mystic by the title of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff is credited with bringing the Enneagram determine to the eye of the world, though he didn’t use it to categorize persona sorts. Oscar Ichazo, the founding father of a college for human potential and self-development, assigned completely different persona sorts to every of the 9 positions within the Enneagram diagram.

Later, psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo expanded the idea to develop the 9 sorts in psychological phrases.

By Kendra Cherry, MSEd

Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and creator of the “Every part Psychology E book.”

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